How Beginners can read Quran?

The Qur’an is the Holy Book of Allah which was revealed on Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in last ten nights of Ramadan. It is regarded as the holiest script of Islam which contains the sacred words of Allah.

How Beginners can read Quran

What is The Literal Meaning of Quran?

Qur’an pronounced as ‘Koran’ is an Arabic word whose literal meaning is ‘to recite’. It is also regarded as one of the finest work in Arabic literature.

Why Is It Important to Recite the Quran and Understand?

To get the real meaning of Allah’s noble words, it is very important to read Qur’an with translation. This Divine guidance revealed in the favor of every Muslim. To get benefit from this book, one can implement its teachings in daily lives.

  • The first word of the Qur’an was ‘Read’ and we are dictated three times to Read, Read and Read.
  • By reading Qur’an, broadens the mind and keep us informed of wrong and right.
  • It purifies a human soul and cleanses art.
  • Furthermore, it turns towards spiritual dimensions.
  • It protects us from transgression and preaches a higher level of morality.
  • It makes us guard against every type of visible and invisible evil by creating a shied around us.
  • It puts us in peace and tranquility as it makes us remember Allah every day thorough Dhikr.
  • Ever letter of the Qur’an has 10 rewards. These rewards are multiplied but never decreases.

6 Ways Beginners Can Learn to Read Qur’an

Step#1 – Purify Yourself

The Qur’an says:

“None touch it except the purified”. [56:79]

Perform ‘Ghusl’ to make sure you’re free from major and minor impurities and later perform ‘Wudu’. Three things should be clean to attain hygiene condition before you read any holy word.

  • Your body
  • Clothes
  • The place

Step#2 – Seek Refuge

This is the most important step to attain sincerity of reading Qur’an. Before reciting, seek refuge in Allah from Devil (Shaytaan). Recide this:

“A-oo-dhoo Bill-laa-hee Mi-nash Shay-taa-nir-ra-jeem”

“I seek refuge in Allah from Satan, the cursed”.

Step#3 – Begin with Allah’s name

Before performing any act of worship, start with the name of Allah. Recite:

“Biss-mill-laah Hirr-rah-maan Nirr-raah-heem”

“In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful”.

Step#4 – Open the ‘Musha’f and Read with Right Hand

‘Mushaf’ is the beautiful cover that contains the book of Qur’an. Uncover with the right hand and start reading it with the right finger. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) always used His right hands for the acts of worship.  Muslims should follow his practice (Sunnah) to implement holy acts.

Step#5 –Glue Your Eyes with Concentration

Do not just read the words but also understand them while reading Qur’an. Side by side, read also its Tafseer or Translation to understand the context of Arabic words.  In this way, you will feel more engaged and dedicated towards Qur’an.

Step#6 – Take Qur’an Classes

You need a right guidance in pronouncing letters and words of this book.  Take proper Qur’an classes and understand the rules of Tajweed (pronunciation).


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